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Belarusian visas

To visit Belarus you need Belarusian entry visa. You should apply for getting visa to the diplomatic representations (embassy, consulate) of the Republic of Belarus.

If you want to  getting visa in the National Airport "Minsk" , please, precise the requirements at your travel agent in advance.

In order to get visa you are to present your passport or an equivalent identity document and fill in the visa application form. Depending on the purpose of your visit you should present the following additional documents:

Tourist visa.


Check of visa obtaining necessity on VISA.BY


It is a short-term single or double entry visa that could be issued for up to 30 days.

It is possible to get visa on your own. To get the tourist visa it is necessary for a tourist to receive the invitation from a Belarusian tourist company registered in Belarus. The invitation should contain the information about the inviting company (its name, registered address, license number) and about the tourist (full name, passport data, period of stay in Belarus), as well as the services paid by the tourist. These documents are to be signed by the director and have a stamp of the tourist company.

When applying to embassy or consulate of the Republic of Belarus, you should have valid passport, filled visa application form, written invitation from Belarusian tourist company registered in Belarus, the payment of the consular fee. The rate of the consular fee depends on the type of visa (individual, group) and citizenship of the tourist. The rates of consular fees you can find HERE

Each year Belarus is becoming more popular and more interesting to the foreigners as a country of successfully developing tourism. There are a lot of travel agencies in our country that can help you to prepare all the necessary documents.

The private company “Belarustourservice” is one of the leading Belarusian travel agencies, that provides full range of the services for the guests of Belarus.

Please, pay attention that our company doesn't render services in opening of visas. We render services in visa support for receiving the Belarusian tourist visa. You can find all conditions of receiving visa support HERE

After receiving your request for rendering of tourist services our experts will immediately contact you and will provide full information on an order of entrance to Republic of Belarus for the purpose of tourism.

Please, pay attention that for obtaining visa the consular fee is collected.

Visa for Private Visit.

Could be short-term (up to 90 days, single, double or multiple entries) or long-term (90 days within a year). Such visas are issued on the basis of an invitation from a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, that can be arranged in the local authorities (Citizenship and Migration service).

Visa for Commercial (Business) Visit (without intention work)

Could be short-term (up to 90 days, single, double or multiple entries) or long-term (90 days within a year). To get the visa you need to have an invitation from your business partner registered in Belarus, who is registered as a legal entity in the Republic of Belarus. The invitation should be signed and by the director and have a stamp of the company. More documents must be presented for a multiple visa.

Transit Visa.

Transit visa is issued on the basis of the documents confirming that you do not stay in Belarus longer than 48 hours (air or train tickets, visa stamp of your destination country, etc.). You must enter Belarus from one country and leave Belarus for another country.

Visa On Arrival.

If there is no Belarusian consulate in your country you can get Belarusian express-visa at the Consular point at the National Airport Minsk-2 if you arrive there by plane on the basis of the above-mentioned documents (depending on visit purpose).

Please note.

Citizens of the European Union states, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some other countries (please, check at the Embassy), who intend to stay in the Republic of Belarus for the period less than 30 days do not need to provide letters of invitation. Still, the inviting person or organization and their address must be indicated in the visa application form.

For any visa types your passport must be valid not less than 90 days beyond the date of planned departure from Belarus.

For more details use the Consular and Visa Section of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus: