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Hotels of Belarus, Minsk, Map, Find & Book | Star ratings to rank hotel services

Star rating of hotels in Belarus


One, Two Stars

As a rule, these include the hotels built back in the Soviet times. These are mostly smaller or medium-sized hotels located in small regional towns. They can often be centrally located, though. These hotels have limited features. Rooms have television sets and sometimes phones. Some rooms may not have private bathrooms or showers, in which case guests will have to share a bathroom in the corridor. Hot water supply may be suspended for the summer. The comfort level and rates normally depend on the furnishings and time since the latest redecoration. Some hotels offer meals, but as a rule there is no room service or bell-boys. Accommodation rates do not usually cover breakfast.


Three Stars

These hotels are traditionally located in region centers. Built in the Soviet times, but renovated later, they offer minimum standard services. All the rooms have standard areas in line with the standards adopted in the USSR. Some rooms may appear cozy and have nice furnishings owing to efforts of the manager. As a rule, there are no bell-boys. The hotels are frequently centrally located or situated within walking distance of the downtown. They normally feature restaurants open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is often included in the accommodation rate. Some hotels offer several breakfast options. Room facilities may differ. Hotels often feature free parking and fitness centers.


Four Stars

Typically, these are large hotels with spacious assembly rooms, special service offices and a bell-boy service. As a rule, they meet the standards of international business class hotels. Normally, they are located close to shopping areas, restaurants and other places of interest. The quality of services is above average, the rooms are well-furnished and well-lighted. There is usually a restaurant serving various meals. As a rule, a breakfast buffet is available daily. Room service is available most of the day. A free parking or garage is offered to guests. There is often a concierge and fitness center.


Five Stars

Only three hotels in Belarus have five-star rankings Europe, Crowne Plaza Minsk, President-hotel. Both offer top quality accommodations and services, including personal services. Centrally located, these hotels have luxurious lobbies, and rooms feature design furniture and high quality linen. Rooms often have DVD and CD players, jacuzzi and many other features. The hotels have restaurants serving exquisite meals. Room service is available 24/7. There is usually a parking or garage available to guests. A concierge will be happy to assist you.