Welcome to Vitebsk

Vitebsk - cultural capital of Belarus

Welcome to Mir

Mir Castle - jewel of Belorussian architecture

Welcome to Minsk

Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus

Welcome to Brest

Brest - West Gates of Belarus

Welcome to Grodno

Grodno - administrative center of the Grodno region

Welcome to Mogilev

This is Mogilev

Popular destinations in Belarus

Baranovichi From $15.64
Bobruisk From $14.86
Brest From $14.47
Gomel From $16.00
Gorki From $24.00
Grodno From $20.72
Hotels in Kobrin From $16.42
Lida From $26.00
Minsk From $21.11
Mir From $35.19
Mogilev From $25.00
Mozyr From $3.91
Nesvizh From $17.20
Orsha From $17.99
Pinsk From $12.90
Rechitsa From $40.00

Call center

05:11 am
+375 17 200 64 24

Special offers

Visa support

If you reserve accommodation in hotel in Republic of Belarus for 5 and more days, visa support is provided free of charge.