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Hotels of Belarus, Minsk, Map, Find & Book | Guidelines for Customers

Guidelines for Customers


Step 1. Search and Selection

You will want to use the quick search box to look for accommodations available during the indicated period. If you do not know the specific dates of your trip and want to have preliminary offers from hotels, please indicate that the dates are not determined yet. If you know the name of the hotel or you want to refine your search using several criteria, please use the advanced search. Please, make certain you enter the name of the town with the hotel of your interest correctly. You can make use of the list that will be displayed as soon as you enter the first letter of the name of the town. If the name of the town is not on the list, please contact us by electronic mail or Skype. Then enter the check-in and check-out dates. Please note that booking with instant confirmation is not available within 48 hours of the planned check-in date. If you need to make a reservation sooner (arrival on the day of booking, within 24 hours or within 48 hours of booking), please contact us by electronic mail, Skype, phone or fax. Booking is only available for 30 nights. If you want to book a room for more than 30 nights, please contact us by electronic mail, Skype, phone or fax. The online booking is not designed for booking of accommodations for groups of travelers. If you need to book more than one room (up to five), complete the booking procedure a few times. Please note that the number of rooms of one type can be limited. In this case, please use the “Group Booking” order form on the home page of the website. To book rooms for groups at special rates, please make use of the “Group Booking” form. All group bookings must be sent either by electronic mail or by fax. Please note that all the fields marked with an asterisk must be filled out, otherwise your application will not be delivered. After you fill out all the fields, please click on the “Send” button. Your application will be processed within 48 hours. If you require an answer sooner, please contact us by Skype, phone or fax.

Step 2

The system provides a list of hotels with rooms available for booking during the indicated period. If you want to see all hotels in the town, please, choose “Show all” in the search form. In this case, you will see all hotels, however, the hotels, in which rooms are not available for booking, will be displayed without the list of rooms. Once you have completed your search, you will have a list of hotels with brief information. You can sort, select and compare hotels. Please note that fees are indicated in four currencies (USD, EUR, RUB and BYR). You can choose the currency in the upper menu or directly in the room line. In the latter case you choose the currency only for the selected room fee. To have more details about the hotel, please click on the appropriate link. A click on the “Photo” link opens a page with pictures of the hotel. A click on the “Available Rates/Rooms” link opens a list of available accommodation options in the hotel (the options depend on accommodation terms and rates). You can choose the most suitable accommodation options for the hotel of your choice. Once you find a suitable option, click on the "Book" link. The system has two operating modes: booking with instant confirmation (safe booking) and booking by request. You can choose the booking mode depending on the room status. Please note that rooms can have the following status: - Open for booking with instant confirmation (safe booking), or booking by request; - Open for booking by request; - Closed for booking. For additional information, please contact us by Skype, phone or fax.

Step 3. Order and Payment

You will take only a few minutes to book a room. There are two ways for you to book a room in a hotel with instant confirmation. Upon registration. Without registration. Please see special booking features for registered users. Please note that booking with instant confirmation requires a guarantee of payment with a bankcard. If for some reason you are not ready to order immediately, You can book a room via an operator by filling out an appropriate request. Before sending the request, please see the terms and conditions of booking and cancellation in the selected hotel. After reading the booking terms, you should fill out the form. All the fields marked with an asterisk must be filled out. Instant online payment with your plastic card We accept Visa and MasterCard cards. WebPay acts as the card processing operator, and one of the country’s leading banks Priorbank (member of the Raiffeisen Group) acts as the guarantor. Online payments with cards are conducted by way of redirecting requests to the website of the WebPay electronic payments system. WebPay guarantees the security of payments by using SSL protocol to forward confidential information from the customer to the WebPay server for further processing. User data are further transferred by secure closed banking networks. Customers’ confidential data (card details, registration information, etc) are collected and processed in the processing center, and not on this website. Therefore, only the bank can have access to personal and bank data of the customer, including the information about the purchases made in other stores. When paying via the WebPay system, the cardholder will automatically receive a notice on amounts debited from the card account at the indicated electronic mail address.

Payment by a bank transfer.

This payment can be made from your bank branch. BelarusTourService’s banking details will be indicated in the bill that you will receive by electronic mail or fax after you make an order. The payment date is the day BelarusTourService receives the money on its settlement account. Booking confirmation is only possible upon the payment of the bill, provided rooms are available. The payment order must contain a reference to the order number. Please note that your bank may charge a commission for the money transfer.

Payment in cash in office.

You can pay in cash in the office of ODO BelarusTourService at 89 R.Luxemburg Street, Minsk, Republic of Belarus 9:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. Please note that we only accept Belarusian rubles.