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Hotel Glubokoye

+375 21 56 21271, Glubokoye7, Moskowskaya str., Glubokoye, Vitebsk reg., 211800
hotel-glubokoye-1485 The "Glubokoye" hotel is located in the downtown of Glubokoye Vitebsk area. Near hotel there is a historical and ethnographic museum. It is open in 1964. 2 floors, 29 numbers, including standard numbers and luxury range numbers.

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Booking Terms

At booking cancellations or changes in terms of staying in the hotel, it is necessary to inform on it not later than 24 hours before arrival date.
In case of cancellation of service less than one day before the chek-in  terms  established in the contract, the CUSTOMER pays a fine of a daily cost of each reserved room and actual, confirmed by documents, expenses for the additional ordered services(visa support, transfer, meals etc.)

Rooms & Rate

Single Bed
Without breakfast.
from 11.70 USD
to 11.70 USD
Twin Standard
Twin Beds
Without breakfast.
from 12.32 USD
to 12.32 USD
Junior Suite
Twin Beds
Without breakfast.
from 14.17 USD
to 14.17 USD
Twin Beds
Without breakfast.
from 18.17 USD
to 18.17 USD
Double Bed
Without breakfast.
from 14.48 USD
to 14.48 USD